Friday, February 8, 2019

Fairness Doctrine

Fairness Doctrine

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s “Get Me Roger Stone”, it’s a must watch, especially with his current legal issues. One of Roger Stone’s theories is “If It’s Public Domain, It’s Fair Game”.

I was recently on a KHSU radio post-election discussion panel with five other local political pundits and the topic came up of the North Coast People’s Alliance, SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) and social justice unions who attacked Eureka City Council candidate Anthony Mantova over his Facebook posts from years ago. They sent out mailers and wrote many Letters To the Editor against Mantova using his own words against him. In their mind, if it was anywhere in social media, then its fair game to use against the opposition.

I agreed. So here’s what I said during our KHSU talk show. I sent this photo to a local communist propagandist, errr journalist who said, “I’m not printing that photo. It makes him look like a radical, environmental hippie.” Your words, not mine, pal.

If I was running former 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg’s campaign, that photo would have been sent numerous times to every voter in the 5th District with the caption, “A leopard can’t change its spots.”

“Who do you want as your 5th District Supervisor?

A radical, environmental hippie or …”


Smiling photo of incumbent Ryan Sundberg in his suit and tie at a Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

I would have had Ryan Sundberg state publicly over and over again, “Why hasn’t Sungnome told the voters about his drunk driving arrest? I dealt with my DUI arrest back in 2010 and the voters know all about it. Why hasn’t Sungnome disclosed his arrest to the voters?”

I would have made sure that Ryan Sundberg was at every single public forum and amended his schedule to be there.

I would have told any developer with a controversial project to wait until the week after the election to bring it forward to the Board of Supervisors. If I had to listen to one more of Sungnome’s radio commercials, “I believe in clean water. I won’t allow a hash lab to be built next to our county water supply to poison all of Humboldt County residents for some greedy developer.” I was gonna puke.

(For the record, Eureka City Councilmember Austin Allison has voted to put five hash labs in Eureka, including one near the bay, our precious Humboldt Bay where 70% of California’s oysters are produced).

Finally and most important: I would have had a team of Sundberg supporters in Hoopa a week after absentee ballots were mailed to “ballot harvest” a few hundred votes. Election volunteers can now go door-to-door and pick up absentee ballots and hand-carry them to the elections office.

If all the above was executed in a coordinated campaign strategy, do you think Ryan Sundberg might have swung 149 votes to change the election outcome? But hey, what do I know? I wasn’t his campaign brain trust.

One would think the City of Arcata had enough issues with the unsolved killing of a HSU student, severe housing shortage for HSU students, along with vagrants and drugs on the Plaza to worry about the President McKinley statue on the Arcata Plaza. One would be wrong.

Let’s give some perspective here. Quoting the Los Angeles Times, “No other city has taken down a monument to a president for his misdeeds.” By Arcata voting “NO” on Measure M, they set a horrible precedent for other cities to take down Presidential statues. Not to mention, are these same regressives now going to protest the town’s name of “McKinleyville”? What’s the difference?

Arcata Mayor, Sofia Pereira was quoted in the Los Angeles Times, "Is there a difference between honoring McKinley and Robert E. Lee? They both represent historical pain." Good thing our local regressives never traveled in the South, nor ever read the bible or a history book. Pick the country - France England, Spain, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, Cambodia, Burma; they all have historical pain, but have evolved and moved on.

Manifest Destiny? Name a U.S. President from George Washington to William McKinley that wasn’t part of manifest destiny? Personally I think it’s much worse to set up puppet governments in foreign countries and start wars for bananas or natural resources.

Open a Bible, Torah or Koran. Lots of historical pain in them pages, such as murder, rape, genocide, incest, and beheadings. Looks like we have to remove every church, synagogue and mosque as we can’t have any historical pain in Arcata (including Bayside).

Next, let’s open your wallets. See that face on the $1 bill? That’s George Washington, our nation’s 1st President and Commander of the Continental Army. Wanna know why he was the Commander of the Continental Army? A couple hundred years ago he killed a lot of Indians. That’s historical pain. To alleviate your pain, gimmie all of your $1 bills. Next, let’s get rid of Washington, D.C., the Washington Monument, the NFL’s Washington Redskins (OMG, double whammy there) and the State of Washington. Any public schools named “Washington”? Gotta go.

“Washington Redskins? Trigger words! Trigger words!”
Deal with it, snowflake. Maybe you should go to your safe zone and get some therapy.

Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President owned slaves. More historical pain. There goes the Jefferson Memorial. Any public schools named “Jefferson”? Gotta go.

Let’s move on to the $5 bill. Abraham Lincoln approved the largest mass hanging in United States history of 38 Santee "Sioux" Indian men at Mankato, Minnesota on December 16, 1862. That’s historical pain. Now gimmie all of your fives. The Lincoln Memorial in DC – gone! Lincoln, Nebraska – gone! Any public schools named “Lincoln”? Gotta go.

It gets better. Any $20 bills in your wallets? That would be Andrew Jackson. Google “Andrew Jackson nickname”. A slave owner whose nickname was “Indian Killer”. He’s known for the Trail of Tears, or the removal west of entire Native-American peoples. That’s a lot of historical pain there. Gimmie all of your $20 bills. Any public schools named “Jackson”? Gotta go.

The $50 bill would be Ulysses S. Grant. A raging alcoholic who resigned his commission in the Army in 1854 (that’s pre-Civil War for those who don’t know history). While President, he signed the “Peace Policy”, which furthered the genocide of Indians during the Manifest Destiny westward. Yup, more historical pain. Gimmie all of your $50 bills. Any public schools named “Grant”? Gotta go.

Yup, history’s a bitch.

See local regressives, don’t ya feel better removing all those historical painful religious buildings and handing me all that historical pain in your wallet?

I got a better idea Arcata. For your penance of historical pain you’ve inflicted, why don’t you just give Arcata (and Bayside) back to the Weott Tribe? Yup, just move out tomorrow. And while we’re at it, why don’t we give Northern California back to the Native-Americans and Southern California (along with Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) back to Mexico. Screw Manifest Destiny and the United Stated of America! We can all move back to Mexico, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Poland or wherever the hell our ancestors came from in search of a better life.

There, feel better now?

You may laugh, but wanna see how bad the PC correctness has gotten? Just today the local regressives in San Rafael (Marin County) want to change the 150-year old name “Dixie” from the Dixie School District, even though the name came from Mary Dixie, a Native-American woman who was the school’s founder.

Justice for …
To put things into context, my daughter just graduated from UCLA. The last thing any parent wants to hear is their son or daughter was killed at college. While I feel for Charmaine Lawson (who lost her son, HSU student David Josiah Lawson), what about “Justice for Garrett Rodriguez”? Remember, the young man who was murdered on Murder Mountain over six years ago?

We know who his killer is. He moved back to Indiana where he continues being a dirtbag in his local community. We have a witness to the murder, although he may be an accessory to the crime, so he ain’t talking. The other witness to the murder moved back to Mexico and is gone with the wind. The Alderpoint 8 can’t say anything on record as they tortured the alleged killer. Garrett Rodriquez’s white pick-up truck was found on the same property where they located his buried body. However no murder weapon, no credible witnesses and no confessions. What does all this add up to? Nothing that will hold up in a court of law.

We have this little thing in the United States called the Constitution. It’s not a perfect document; however the ultimate goal of it was to let nine guilty people go free versus having one innocent person go to jail (or worse).

A local attorney friend of mine corrected the narrative as we don’t know who killed (not murdered) Josiah Lawson. It was a homicide - maybe manslaughter, maybe wrongful death. We may never know. What we do know is that we don’t arrest people because of the color of their skin. Do you think District Attorney Maggie Fleming wants to make another arrest and be embarrassed once again if the judge kicks the case for lack of evidence?

Lady Justice is supposed to be blind to race, creed, color, religion and sexual orientation; although we can argue social economic status as money typically buys a better criminal defense.

If Kyle Zoellner is arrested again, any first year defense attorney will have an Atticus Finch moment. There will be a 2’ x 3’ poster of Kyle’s beaten face mug shot in the courtroom for the jurors to see daily.

What does that mug shot say to you? Who was the other victim in this case? Do you think he was in fear for his life?

How many different Brotherhood United African-Americans punched Kyle Zoellner in the face and admitted this to law enforcement? Why weren’t they arrested for assault?

Would you carry a 9” inch knife around with you? Where would you hide it on your body so no one saw it and without stabbing yourself? That's why people carry pocket knives and switchblades.

If the alleged knife in question comes back with Josiah Lawson and Kyle Zoellner’s blood on it, the defense attorney will be pointing to the large poster of his mug shot and state, “Of course Kyle Zoellner’s blood was on the knife. Look at that photo! He was savagely beaten and bleeding everywhere that night.”

As Josiah Lawson and Kyle Zoellner were struggling on the ground, is it possible that another person saw this, grabbed a knife and went to stab one of these two?

Is it possible that Kyle Zoellner’s former girlfriend stabbed Josiah Lawson?

Is it possible that one of the Brotherhood United went to stab the white boy and while Josiah Lawson and Kyle Zoellner struggled on the ground, twisting and turning frantically back and forth, stabbed his friend Josiah?

There were 300 young adults at that late night party with lots of drugs and alcohol and not a single person witnessed a single thing. Do you believe that in the age of cell phone cameras?

Does your memory get better or worse with time, especially if you were on drugs and/or alcohol? What did you have for dinner last Saturday night (no checking your cell phone calendars)? How ‘bout the Saturday night before that? The week before that?

It’s called “reasonable doubt” as only 1 juror out of 12 needs to have some questions or concerns in their mind.

My fear is that there will be no arrest, a hung jury or not guilty verdict. Then Arcata’s regressives will riot on the Plaza.

Humboldt Politically Correctness Run Amock
If you haven’t seen the Fox News Jesse Watters interview with Humboldt’s Kelsey Reedy of the Social Justice Warriors revised women’s march, it’s a “must see TV”. Ever wonder why the rest of the country laughs at us here in Humboldt?

“Colonialism”? Can you name a single state in America that the USA invaded and set up a puppet government? The Humboldt Women’s March was too white? Still waiting to hear how many Hispanics, Asians and Jews are on their new SJW Women’s March leadership team so “it’s reflective of our community”.